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Wayne Forrest

With a sporting accident 26 years ago I injured my neck, which has left me in a wheelchair, up until now. I started working with Stephanie for 13 sessions to help me uncover my limited subconscious think, so I could reframe and live into the possibility of the greater in all areas of my life, even more.

Stephanie has a way of listening that is loving and gentle and of course very insightful. She has helped me discover many levels of my paradigm of thinking, that same paradigm created the experience of my injury. I have learned to replace this paradigm with a new one that is powerful and aligned with what I want. With guides and intention, it’s been an amazing process, with Stephanie’s help I have healed many different layers to be released. I feel calmer, with what feels like more space within myself and my connection to spirit has deepen, the relationship has made it easier to listen to my intuition.

Here’s to loving the experience, of whatever spirit has installed for us. Thank you Stephanie, I feel like I have met someone from my soul tribe.

Christof Melchizedek

Stephanie is a wonderfully talented healer, tuned in to the field, sensitive to what is required in the moment and has the ability to connect in with her personal guides to be able to support healing and transformation. She has been part of my personal healingteam over the last couple of years. Stephanie is a talented healer and I have got enormous amounts out her beautiful feminine healing touch in my own personal process and support.


After catching covid during the first wave of the pandemic, I was going to different doctors in order to treat the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive sequels that resulted from the virus. Majority of the specialists didn’t know what was happening. So I had to do a thorough research on the latests medical discoveries and naturopathic treatments to heal. 2020 had being the most challenging year of my life, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

I began to work with Stephanie around Christmas. She made a difference from the very first day. She helped me see things from a higher perspective. To consider the idea of letting go of the need for a solution and to be patient, trusting the process. Holding the space my body needed and having great compassion.

I could notice some elements extracted from my body and in fact I felt the release of a something constricting the left side of my chest that Stephanie was able to eliminate via the remote spiritual surgery. The high heart and hara restructuring activations are such a blessing to experience.  I’m so grateful for her and for the person who recommended me her. Much love and light!


Before the first healing session that I received from Stephanie, I
didn't know what to expect. I have had healing sessions in the past, but
they never really seem to work or I didn't feel much. But with the
healings that Stephanie gives me, I can always feel the energy very
strongly. The things that happen in my body are always clearly connected
with the intentions for the session. It's really beautiful how
everything is connected and how Stephanie really feels and sees what is
going on and what is needed for me. Though I usually feel quite tired
afterwards, I can always see and feel the effects in my body and my life
in the days after. I've seen miracles happen already! I don't know what
Stephanie does, but her healings are really powerful. So that's why I
always plan new sessions in, because these sessions are such a wonderful
support and gift in my life and for my body!


Oh Stephanie you have made my week so much better. I am so reassured by your healing that the circumstances of that horrendous stuff I had put in my body have faded. I can live a normal life after all. I loved your healing and will be able to play your report on it again and again. You have a beautiful soft voice which resonates with nature. I'm contually finding benefits from your healing. My back is better each day. Thank you dear soul.

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